Born of the Irish Soldiers, bread from the cold north of India, i am Kim. Orphaned in mind and spirit from the world about which i write. Like a secret agent i steel the truths from the days to record them here at night. I have left the bazaars of Lahore… I write this new blog in a desire to prove that i can. That my words have meaning and that meaning has power, that we can influence and move others through diction. May the truth of the words that i bring forth stir the imagination, and move the soul to a future that is more precise and elegant than the one we leave behind.


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  1. Kim said,

    All posts are written prior to publishing (the Chicken Rule applies,) though they are rarely published in order. Sometimes, due to my personal feelings on the work, other times because of the content. If this causes confusions, then well, move along, it is not as if you are missing much as it is. … Thank you for reading…

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