FW: Emails for the Masses

January 27, 2010 at 4:36 am (Question: What do you care about?)

So, the scotch will burn the untrained tongue, and so will the lies that are spread across the printed pages burn your mind. As those with an education take the time to digest what is placed for mass consumption. We are reminded of the foolish nature of all humanity when another email is forwarded in an effort to promote some silly hoax with an unending chain, or enduring message that hasn’t stopped since such and such a date. Where will we go next and what will we believe. I would not like to have to quote a popular song to express the idea of only stupid people are breeding but it seem that I must. This in fact is just a rant that is the lead in to again answering the question posed to me almost two weeks ago to the day.

I care about the rational of our human experience, the betterment of who we are through education and experimentation, through living life. And yes, in this last sentence, you will actually find two things that I care deeply about. First and foremost in the broadest sense that the previous posts will fall into, is to live life to its fullest. To take on Thoreau’s quest to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life; this is the hallmark of my motivations at all times. Of course, each of the previous posts and the future posts in an effort to come to grips with what I am passionate about will revolve around this point.

Our minds, our precious minds, it is the last of what another can take from us and it is the first that we can master. To never stop learning, to push the limits of our understanding, to ambitiously seek out that which we do not understand. This is something that I care deeply about, shame on those that do not read, shame on those that do not ask why. I have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of answers, a lifetime coming to grips with reality each page at a time. The fundamentals of physics that brings me the tides that I will ride to shore, the mathematics that give me my patience in economics, the history and literature that allows me to connect with others thousand miles away from my suburbia Ohio homeland. This pursuit of knowledge, the idea of searching for answers, this energetic attack for reason and logic, is so key to my very existence that is an aphrodisiac when I find it in others. Yes, you may have your fun, that I have just said that nerds can turn me on, but it is the truth.

I have stood in the presence of Olympic athletes, and yes have felt desire to be able to perform as they do, I have also stood in the presence of mental giants, the brightest that our country has to offer and though I desire and wish to have the power of a boxer as he faces his opponent in the ring, I cannot help but know that I would give so much more to be able to write and argue against those who are above contestation. The world works it mysteries on us all, and we all have dreams and aspiration and ideas that drive us forward, for some academics and scholastics mean little, and their times in school is short. They will not read, and what little they do read or listen to is without context. These are the men, the droves of humanity that read emails that are forwarded to them and pass them on as gospel as the unique insight for the day. These are the people that are the masses or mob, the ones that religion and cable TV is tailored for. These are the masses that argue without logic or reason, and therefore are unopened to facts and figures. These are the ones that I truly feel sorry for.

 Another sunrise across the city and the morning call to prayer echoes into the courtyard. I am greeted by an Iraqi Intelligence officer, Salam, Subah Alquair (the Romanization of Arabic is tricky at best.) Subah Ahnur, he replies, the day as begun again. I look out at a society that has lost its intellectuals, its free thinkers. Yes, there is a new crop emerging, those that have returned from exile, or those that have been marginalized for the past five years waiting their turn. It is their turn now, and they take the cues from the top. As Maliki and Dulami flex their new muscles of sovereignty so do their subordinates, our influence is being diminished on a daily bases. Muluzam Ahwal Achmed looks to me and smiles, he too has tasted the scotch that is in my room, and is headed to bed, as am I, we work together throughout the night, and this past night was no different. I close the door to my small room and climb into bed, and think about what I can learn tomorrow.


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